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Elad Hoffer

Graduate student at Technion, Deep Learning Researcher

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Welcome to my page

I’m Elad Hoffer, PhD candidate at Technion. My research is focused on Deep Learning of representations, and I’m also interested in related topics of machine learning and computer vision.

My CV is available here


Elad Hoffer, Nir Ailon - Deep metric learning using Triplet network ICLR 2015 [ArXiv][Poster][Code]

Additional works

Elad Hoffer, Itay Hubara, Nir Ailon - Deep unsupervised learning through spatial contrasting [ArXiv][Code]

Elad Hoffer, Nir Ailon - Semi-supervised deep learning by metric embedding[ArXiv][Code]

Sparse Deep Learning - Merging double sparsity with Deep NN [Report] [Presentation]


I gave a course about Deep Learning at Technion:

Slides and tutorials are available here

Videos are available on YouTube (Thanks to Michael Zibulevsky):


Some talks I’ve given on my research and related topics:


You can contact me at my Technion email: